What matters to you matters to me. Why I'm running.

Welcome.  I’m glad you dropped by to learn more.  We have a great team, clear vision and a goal.

We will make Island County stronger, healthier and a place of civility and respect!

People always ask why now?  Why are you running?  I retired a couple of years ago from my career in social work.  We sailed, traveled the National Parks of the West, visited family and got involved in our community.  I like working so I took a part time job working to support a local environmental organization and I volunteered to be on local boards, advocating for health and basic needs and services.  Perfect life.  Lucky woman.  Not everyone can say that.  My life’s call has been to work for fairness and compassion, so all have opportunities for a good life.  We all thrive when we all thrive.

Then 2016 happened.  People got angry, on both sides.  The national narrative and leadership became polarized.  It felt like preserving power was more important than serving people.  I felt the core values and programs I cherished were under attack.  I rolled up my sleeves and went to work.  I met with folks around both islands, talking to my neighbors and local experts in their field to learn what’s working and what’s not.   I learned a lot.  I learned about volunteers working hundreds of hours to assure strong habitats for our fish and fowl.  I met healthcare professionals working tirelessly to assure that families and seniors have the resources they need to lead healthy lives.  I met folks working in the schools, community centers, shelters and caring for one another in small and big ways.  This is a thriving and strong community.

But I also met folks who were discouraged by the tone of leadership in our county.  I talked to people who felt ignored or disrespected when they asked for change.  I was encouraged to explore stepping up and being an advocate for their concerns.  The people in Island County are eager for respectful and responsive leadership.  They are seeking diligent leadership that respects science and works for solutions.

After much discussion with community members, reflection and conversation with family I decided to do what I can for our islands. To work on a local level to create change, knowing that nature grows from the roots up-we can act locally, and it will grow into change on a national and global level.  Like the adage says, we can be the change we want to see in the world.

I will work to respect and listen to constituents, even when we may disagree.  I will work to assure the basic services and needs of residents are our first priority.  I will give Camano and North Whidbey better representation and connection to Island County.  I will work to connect the dots between local, state and national government-finding opportunities and advocating for Island County. 

I believe in a rational, compassionate and intelligent Island County.  I see it every day in the professionals working in county government, in the businesses and organizations that surround us, in the entrepreneurs, artists and farmers drawn to this place, and in the amazing work of volunteers who help make our home a great place. 

So let’s do this…join me in this journey.  Follow our web page, our facebook page at Elect Janet St Clair for Island County or better yet, contact us and we’ll help you get involved.  I look forward to being your next County Commissioner for District Three.


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