South Whidbey Record

Letter to the Editor published 11/2/18

From: Susan and Craig Cyr

St. Clair would bring honesty, integrity to job


Rick Hannold: keep your lies out of our mailbox. Your recent mailer is unbecoming of a sitting Island County commissioner. It contains lies and is nothing but smear politics at its worst. Your job is to be of service to your constituents, not to insult and degrade. You are failing at your job.

Janet St. Clair seeks to represent all constituents, regardless of party affiliation. And she will represent all of us, no matter where we lived before coming to Island County. In the mailer Hannold discriminates against people who have lived in Seattle; he attacked Janet St. Clair for having once lived there.

Hannold even demeaned himself by negatively associating St. Clair with a picture of the Seattle Space Needle. Does he dislike the Space Needle?

What sort of person denigrates the international symbol most associated with our region? And since when is it a negative to have lived in Seattle?

We lived in Seattle before choosing to move to Island County. Many of us have. Are we not welcome here, Mr. Hannold?

Hannold’s voting record answers this question and many more: he is uninformed on the issues; he is routinely flippant about access to health care and the needs of our children, our mentally ill and our elderly.

Hannold has repeatedly lied about donations to St. Clair’s campaign, insinuating that a large portion of her donations are from Seattle. The Washington State Public Disclosure Commission reveals that 8 percent of St. Clair donations have come from Seattle. Interestingly, she has 182 Stanwood and Camano donations compared to Hannold’s 15 donations from the same area.

All voters in Island County, from all three districts, get to vote for Janet St. Clair in the general election. Vote Janet St. Clair for intelligence, compassion, service to people, service to our coastal environment, honesty and integrity.

Yes, it’s time for honesty and integrity.

Susan and Craig Cyr


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