South Whidbey Record

Letter to the editor from Stuart Heady

published sept. 29,2018


Everyone wins if St. Clair is voted into office as county commissioner


Ahoy there over on Whidbey. I am over here. On the other side of Saratoga Passage on Camano.

Can we talk? We citizens across the moat would appreciate it if you voted for Janet St. Clair.

We all would win. She has an unbelievable background and works harder than any 10 people I have ever met. She learns very quickly. She is an effective modern manager. It doesn’t hurt that she is a super mom. She and her husband John have 11 kids between them.

We over here on Camano have not really had a third district commissioner who actually lives over here in a very long time to represent us.

Both islands have challenges in common. Growth. Traffic. Increased needs for services from mental health to animal control. We need to put long range planning into effect to monitor climate change.

Many citizens are all too cynical about local government. This is because we need more modern and updated management and communications.

Including citizens in the decision-making process is a modern approach. We need that as Island County continues to grow and become a more modern community.

Stuart Heady

Camano Island


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