November 13, 2021

August 2, 2022

I am honored to have received the support of the people in District 3, winning the primary election in early returns.  Thank you to all my supporters and the volunteers who worked so hard to get us to this point.

August 1, 2022

Letters to the editor - Heather White; Brian Dirks, Kim Drury

July 26, 2022

The differences are clear between my priorities and my candidates.  My opponents fail to recognize the need for climate resiliency and offer no strategies to address housing challenges in Island County. I will stay focused on respectful leadership, hard work, common sense policy solutions and work that focuses on people not politics.

July 23, 2022

While I had concerns about the process of how we develop housing projects, in the end my "yes" vote was to recognize that while bureaucracy is complicating, we are charged with serving people over process.  While I respect and listened to the concerns of many over the permanent and transitional housing project in Freeland, we also had over 100+ people let us know they supported this project to be built by the Low Income Housing Institute.  Here's just one of those voices.

July 22, 2022

Tim Hazelo is leading efforts to overturn the 2020 election.  We need leadership that looks forward and is working on local issues, serving people not politics.

July 19, 2022

July 16, 2022

Attorney General Bob Ferguson endorses Janet St Clair for Island County Commissioner.

Ferguson endorses St. Clair for commissioner | Whidbey News-Times (

July 16, 2022

Permanent supportive and transitional housing has been proven in research to improve the outcomes of those who struggle with poverty, mental illness and other challenges.  Research from Stanford, Cornell and National Institute of Health all demonstrated that housing options such as this can reduce crime.  While I still am unsure if the Freeland project will pass all required code and permitting challenges, I support the concept and it will fill a significant gap in our housing continuum in Island County.

Commissioners vote to fund Harbor Inn project | Whidbey News-Times (


July 5, 2022

While County Commissioners have only a very small impact on your property tax, I am working bring greater transparency to your taxes and what they support.  I am also working to assure that the exemption program for low-income seniors and people with disabilities is fair and doesn't only favor urban areas.  Thank you to our Assessor Bernie Upchurch who collaborated to explain the difference between your property valuation and your property tax statement.

Stanwood Camano News Housing Valuations by Evan Caldwell


March 26, 2022

Affordable housing is a critical issue for families across Island County and across our State.  This has been a focus for our Board.  I advocate and appreciate the additional funding by the feds and the state to address this crisis.  In Island County, our existing local revenue has been insufficient to increase the inventory of affordable housing for Island County residents.  I had concerns about using a regressive tax to address this need.  I also wanted to be clear about my commitment that our work serves the geographic and equity needs of all of Island County.  I voted in support of this measure because housing must be addressed and because it makes fiscal sense.  Local revenue can leverage the new state and federal monies as match.  As required match can often be 20%, this means that every $1M of local revenue can "buy" up to $5M of other revenue to increase the inventory of housing options for our residents.

March 24, 2022

Responding to constituents on issues of critical concern and following through to solutions is important to me.  Some issues take longer than others.  I'm proud of the team effort to address a significant health and safety concern that put vulnerable people at risk.  We responded with a collaborative approach that prioritized people first, addressing public safety issues for neighbors, bringing in our joint response teams to address human needs and will follow through and continue to provide services to those in need of relocation and support.  TIMELINE: History of Camano property at center of dispute

Court issues injunction against owner of Camano Island encampment | News |

Assuring access to healthcare was a promise in my campaign and work I have done throughout my term as your County Commissioner.  It includes advocacy to assure we retain our Public Hospital, Whidbey Health.  Hospital officials lay out financial improvements | Whidbey News-Times (

The Island County Board of Commissioners has worked hard to reorganize our Planning Department to focus on customer service.  The results are clear.  At long last, county building permits hastened | Whidbey News-Times (

As much of my career focused on the importance of early childhood development, I have always known the importance of quality childcare for children.  What we also know is that childcare is critical for working families and lack of childcare only worsens the gender gap in employment.  I'm proud of the work I've done to promote the grant and study that affirmed this need.  Island County invested part of our American Rescue Plan money in early learning including childcare centers on Camano Island. Island County disburses federal American Rescue Plan dollars to Camano groups | News |  These grants also supported other local needs including accessibility at Camano Center.

Addressing the need for affordable housing is critical in Island County.  It is also critical that as leaders, we strive for transparency, stewardship and due diligence in consideration of tax increases.  Commissioners delay vote on housing sales tax | Whidbey News-Times (

For over 8 years neighbors complained about a growing public safety and nuisance on Camano Island.  With a dedicated enforcement team and social service outreach, under my leadership Island County is working to resolve this issue.  Island County takes Camano Island encampment to Superior Court | News |

“I look forward to a respectful and engaging campaign where we can focus on the issues and priorities of the people we are called to serve."  County commissioner race heats up early | Whidbey News-Times (

Assuring Camano Island transportation needs are addressed: Camano roundabout and other road improvements planned | News |

Balancing housing needs with transparency and good government: Snohomish County OKs tax to combat homelessness; Island County eyes following suit | News |

Commissioner St. Clair working to extend and enhance broadband in Island County:  Port of Coupeville awarded $4.8 million for broadband | Whidbey News-Times (

Commissioner St. Clair works with State and Federal partners to assist Island County residents: Officials tour storm damage as Island County declares state of emergency | News |

Commissioner St. Clair dedicated efforts to assure better access to government and services for Camano Island:  New county building on Camano wins design award | News |

Working to support Island County Employees: Island County employees to get COVID bonuses | South Whidbey Record

Leading the Way: More women than ever before in positions of leadership in Stanwood-Camano area | News |

County commissioner looks back on first year in office | Whidbey News-Times (

Exploring Camano History (Stanwood Camano News)

Commissioner St. Clair works to support investments in public access to shorelines, forest and open space:   Snip! Barnum Point is Now Ready for Visitors! | (


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