Whidbey News Times

Letter to the editor published Aug, 24th 2018

From: Merri Huffine, Oak Harbor


Vote Janet St. Clair Island County Commissioner



As the political season heads toward November, voters may rightly feel sick of national political antics. But we need to pay close attention to local voting choices right here in Island County.

Think of our day to day quality of life. If you live outside city limits, are you tired of schlepping your own recycling down the road each month in your own vehicle? Tired of the health budget being too low to effectively combat opioid addiction? Tired of addiction-related crimes?

Tired of hearing that homelessness and hunger are just things people have brought on themselves? Who makes the decisions which may actually be life or death to some families?

Our Island County Commissioners do.

Now we have a chance to elect Janet St. Clair as County Commissioner. She has the community health experience, the positive communication skills, the team-leading experience, and the budgeting competence to attack our local issues.

Rather than electing a person who’s brought to you by the very same folks who brought us Kelly Emerson, let’s elect a force for the positive.

Vote for Janet St. Clair.

Merri Huffine

Oak Harbor

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