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Janet has garnered support from Republicans, Democrats and Independents.  Well known for her accessible leadership, she listens to all voices and works to represent all of her constituents in Island County. 

Here are a few words from her supporters:

"When we needed an advocate to support women's health, Janet St. Clair was immediately available...I remain incredibly grateful for her efforts and support.  She's been an amazing advocate for the women of Island County."    Dr. Meg McSorley, WhidbeyHealth

"Congratulations! We are thrilled to announce that you have received the sole endorsement for the position of Island County Commissioner 3 from North Snohomish County Firefighters IAFF 3438 for the 2022 election cycle. We value your leadership on public safety in our community. We know you will continue to be a dedicated advocate for our organization, and we look forward to working with you."   IAFF Local 3438, Camano Island Firefighters

"Janet's integrity and public service is impressive."  Attorney General Bob Ferguson, Washington State

"It is with great pleasure that the Win With Women PAC endorses your campaign to be re-elected to the Island County Commission."   

                                                                                       -Karen Cooper, Win With Women

At a time when women's rights are under attack, I am proud to receive the endorsement of Win With Women. I will continue to work for the rights of women, especially for the right to privacy and make their own healthcare choices.


“Janet has been a great supporter for social services and the arts. I, for one, want to say thanks!”

                                                                                                             Jack Archibald, Camano Island

“Janet listens and responds. She does her homework and takes action to address our community issues.”  Brian Dirks, Camano Island

"Janet provides and important voice for Camano Island to ensure the needs and wants of the island are represented and supported by the Island County Commissioners."                                                        Paul and Brenda Dressel, Camano Island

"Janet is ethical, conscientious and caring for the good of our community. She communicates regularly with her constituents and listens to our needs. I strongly support re-electing Janet St. Clair. Thank you."     Jerry & Nairy Finn

"Using public input, numerous Town Hall meetings, local committee membership and a huge amount of outreach, Janet has asked for what the public feels are our communities' most pressing needs.  Allowing voters to have a say in where local Government should focus their efforts is representative Government at its finest. Janet does not see obstacles, she sees challenges and is more than willing to jump in to find equitable solutions. Janet never demonizes her opponents, she is passionate about representing ALL of us, and she finds ways to include everyone. She is forward looking and forward thinking.  She sees how the concerns we have today could grow larger unless solutions are found now. I fully and heartily endorse Janet St. Clair.   I am confident she works for me as a citizen of Island County."

 Barbara Libby, Camano Island

I am very proud to give my endorsement to Commissioner St.Clair for her re-election to the Island County Board of County Commissioners. I have watched Commissioner St.Clair work tirelessly for the citizens of her county over the last 4 years. Broadband and infrastructure are two areas that she excels in. Look forward to working with her in her second term. Scott Hutsell – Lincoln County Commissioner 

"As a former Island County Commissioner and Stanwood-Camano School District Director, we know what it takes to be a worthy candidate. Janet has proven herself to be one of the best commissioners we’ve had, engaging community participation and getting things done that need to be addressed."   John and Julie Dean, Camano Island  

"Commissioner St. Clair is the kind of knowledgeable, committed, and responsible leader we need.  She's done great things for our community and will continue to do so.  Let's re-elect Janet, she's the clear choice for dedicated and intelligent action.  I'm proud to give her my highest endorsement."     Patricia "Trish" Rose, Retired United States Air Force General

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“I am proud to endorse Janet St. Clair for Island County Commissioner. Commissioner St. Clair is a strong advocate for her constituents, working with my office on infrastructure challenges including shoreline issues, broadband and transportation.  She is also a strong partner for estuary restoration and environmental issues.”    Rep. Rick Larsen, U.S. Congress

"Young children and working families need elected leaders like Janet St. Clair who understand the importance of high quality early childhood education, affordable housing, and equitable access to resources like high speed internet. We wholeheartedly endorse Commissioner St. Clair because she is a dedicated champion for children and families and her leadership makes a positive impact in our community."                                                                                                                                       Heather White, Founder Springwood Forest School, Camano Island

Just received a new endorsement, "Nacho says it's very important to re-elect Janet St.Clair" (Asia Gray)

"My wife and I are crossing party lines to support Janet for Island County Commissioner, District 3. We know Janet to be a very dedicated and hardworking individual who will support the interest of District 3 in general and Camano Island in particular. In our view, Camano Island residents should have a direct voice in the Commissioner’s office.  Janet will continue work to ensure that Camano is provided a fair share of resources and services for our community."    Steve Hughes, Camano Island

"Why am I endorsing Janet? Not only because of her commitment to environmental stewardship but because she represents the best in what we want in our elected officials – she does her homework, she works hard, she’s accessible, she listens and she learns. And she’s got a sense of humor."    Kim Drury, Langley

"I support and endorse Janet St Clair as Island County Commissioner. Janet is thoughtful in her considerations. She is willing to listen. A number of years ago when she knocked on my door during her campaign, we spent about 30 minutes together discussing the issues of the day. She earned my support then and has my support now. Let’s have her continue the good work she is doing for us."                                                                                                                                                                                           John Diamond, Oak Harbor School Board

"I am proud to endorse Janet St. Clair for Island County Commissioner. She is a strong, thoughtful, no nonsense voice for our county and Camano Island. Janet is very dedicated to her constituents, and I appreciate her advocacy to social and health services."                                                                                                                                                                                       Charlotte Murry, Stanwood Camano School Board

"Janet is sincere and committed, her background in social work comes through very clearly. She’s practical and thorough, and all about getting things done for everyone in the county. And she has 4 years of experience as County Commissioner in very challenging times. Endorsing her for re-election is a very easy call!"   Warren Weissman, Camano Island

"I am pleased to endorse Janet St Clair for County Commissioner. Janet has done a great job listening to her constituents, communicating regularly via town halls and seeking out voices of the underserved. Janet has been a strong voice on environmental issues, broadband access and housing—all the while leading through a pandemic. Thank you Janet!"    Kim Williams, Camano Island

"Janet represents the values and commitment that I expect and appreciate from a community leader."  Tom Ewell, Whidbey Island

"Beyond a doubt, Janet St. Clair is the most qualified person to continue to serve as our Island County Commissioner. Janet exemplifies honesty, fairness, and thoughtfulness. Over these past few years, the public and I have had the opportunity to observe and evaluate the effectiveness of having a local hero from Camano in this role. Janet’s honest, pragmatic, and hopeful insight into our community’s problems and needs, and her willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to the public’s questions and concerns, sets her far apart from the former commissioner’s techniques and talk, so I am writing today to express my support for Janet’s campaign and my intention both to vote for her in the upcoming elections and to spread word to others of the value of her policies and abilities.  Donna Conner, Camano Island

 "Janet is very visible in the community as a supporter and advocate of Camano Island residents."   Lynette Roberson, Camano Island

"I truly appreciate all the Janet has done for Island County."   Jeff Wheeler, Camano Island

"I've known Janet for several years.  She is the opposite of a typical politician.  She is earnest, caring, compassionate, hard-working and cares about her constituents.  She is head and shoulders the most qualified person for this role.  She doesn't think in terms of Red v. Blue, but rather about everyone she represents.  Janet is what I look for in a public servant."   Tim Jones, Camano Island

"Janet should continue to represent Island County. We need and appreciate her work ethic and integrity."  Bob Wolters, Whidbey Island

"Janet is ethical, conscientious and caring for the good of our community. She communicates regularly with her constituents and listens to our needs. I strongly support re-electing Janet St. Clair."   Nairy Finn, Camano Island

"Janet has been a blessing to Camano.  Finally, a representative who actually knows this island and its people, and has the will and wisdom to advocate effectively for all of us!"   Connie Johnson, Camano Island

"How fortunate we are to have someone like Janet as our Commissioner.  She listens, learns and leads and represents the best of the best in Island County."   Marshall Goldberg, Whidbey Island

"Janet has energy, intelligence and heart.  She listens to constituent concerns, educates herself on all sides of issues and is a strong advocate."   Mary Kanter, Camano Island

"We need to keep a strong voice for the environment on the County Council."  Malcolm Cumming, Whidbey Island

"You are such a champion for Early Learning and childcare. You are an exemplary leader as well. Stay blessed."  Abby Ajaero, Seattle

"Janet is smart, cares about others and a wonderful daughter.  She now cleans up her room which proves she is always willing to learn something new."     Sharon St. Clair - Candidate's mother, biggest fan and the person most responsible for Janet's values and commitment









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