Stanwood Camano News, Apr. 23, 2018

letter to the Editor 

By Chris Richards Camano Island, Apr 23, 2018

Hannold’s stance on environment is wrong

Camano Island needs a dedicated, resident commissioner


Dear Editor: The Nov. 16 article in the Stanwood Camano News regarding the interest in establishing a port on Camano Island was well done.

Our community has gone from needing a place to land a passenger ferry to finding a way to better represent Camano residents on the Island County Council. Currently all three county commissioner’s reside on Whidbey Island.

The inattention Camano gets from this arrangement over the years has prompted residents to look for alternative forms of representation. Leaving Island County and joining Snohomish is far too expensive, organizing as a city is now illegal under the Growth Management Act and increasing the number of commissioners appears politically impossible.

The current port district idea is a very long reach for the goal of local representation. A simpler solution is a dedicated commissioner position for Camano Island.

How can anyone fairly represent Camano Island when living on Whidbey? Well-meaning attempts at inclusivity by current and past commissioners cannot make up for a commissioner immersed in the local community.

Until a permanent solution is determined, we have a 2018 election opportunity. Camano Island resident Janet St. Clair is running for commissioner. She is a wicked-smart policy expert who has learned more about governing Camano in her three years as a resident than I have in my 30. I am supporting our neighbor to represent us. I hope you will too.


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