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letter to the editor from Charles Pratt, May 29, 2018


Hannold notes his accessibility on Camano


Dear Editor: District 3 Island County Commissioner Rick Hannold spoke May 22 about his time in office, the work he had been doing as commissioner, and why he felt he deserved to be considered for re-election this fall as our commissioner representing Camano Island.  

Earlier in the month, his opponent Janet St. Clair gave a similar speech, describing her many years serving diverse populations as a social worker and leader in the nonprofit sector and also outlining her vision for the future of our community and county. 

Before hearing them speak, I’d been researching where they stand on issues, and determining who would best represent my interests and values. I believe all candidates deserve a chance to be listened to before voters cast their ballots. 

Commissioner Hannold has publicly described himself as a climate change skeptic (in his May 15 Stanwood Camano News guest commentary) then purported to be a conservation champion in the May 22 public meeting, which I found mystifying.

The most concerning thing I heard from Hannold was how he had to constantly fight the perception that “he had to live on Camano Island to represent us.” That seemed unusually defensive as a main talking point, but more curious was his supporting “evidence” that he did indeed make himself readily accessible to the folks who live in and comprise the vast majority (11 of the 16 precincts) of the area he represents. 

Hannold said he is in his Camano office 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. every Friday, something my fellow Islanders should keep in mind when wanting to meet or chat with him. He’s dedicated six hours in the middle of the final workday each week to be accessible in person to the majority of his constituents. If you who work a 9-5, though, I’m sure you can still reach him via email. 

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