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Letter to the editor 3/26/18

Stanwood Camano News

by Janet St Clair

Levy support essential for public libraries

Dear Editor: In fourth grade I joined Mrs. Sullivan’s reading challenge. I read over 1,000 pages of classics such as Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, Secret Garden and Charlotte’s Web. I also read diligently through Nancy Drew, my brother’s Hardy Boys and my mother’s Beverly Gray series. Most of the books I read, and continue to read, were because of a public library.

Our libraries held a third-grade reading challenge and almost 1,400 students from 51 schools completed the challenge. These third-graders are our future lifelong readers and lifelong learners.

I am writing to express my support for the Sno-Isle Library Levy. The unreasonable 1 percent cap on our libraries has meant that we must support our libraries, as that cap doesn’t allow for escalating costs in healthcare, electricity and other cost-of-living increases.

Our libraries provide not just books, computer access and educational classes, they provide gathering space for community groups. Over three million people visited our Sno-Isle Libraries in 2017. And I am one of those visitors.

Libraries have been a part of my life since my mother took me to pick out picture books as a little girl. My children grew up going to libraries and now my granddaughter is pulled in her little red wagon to the library in Marysville to pick out her bedtime stories. I believe in our libraries and ask you to join me and vote Yes in April.

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