September is National Recovery Month

September is National Recovery Month. My passion and commitment is to bring resources and solutions to our community to support those who struggle with mental illness and addiction. The theme this year "invest in health, home, purpose and community" summarizes my approach to whole person, integrated care.

1. We as a community commit to compassion, understanding and common-sense solutions. Outreach, education and prevention are core to my solutions, knowing that research will show us that we can make a difference. Support to families of those who struggle is also a critical part of the community services we should offer.

2. As we move from outreach to treatment, engage those who struggle in workforce programs, supportive employment or peer volunteer programs. Give people a purpose and a path.

3. Island County is finalizing our housing element plan. I will work to assure strategic and focused conversations that address the housing needs of everyone in our community. Island County is not a housing provider but a powerful convener to support housing solutions. This is both prevention and intervention for those in recovery.

4. Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Whole person, integrated healthcare is significantly more effective in improving outcomes and reducing healthcare costs to individuals and communities. I have worked on integrated care throughout my career. i will facilitate public/private partnerships to strengthen and bring those programs to all of Island County. We can do better.

Evidence-based solutions for recovery have a return on investment of $7 saved to every $1 spent. That is math that just makes sense. Caring for others in our community -bringing compassion and solutions - that is just the right thing to do.

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