Primary Reflections

My feet are tired, my spirits are up and my heart is full.  I want to take a moment, to thank my team, my husband/campaign manager and to thank you, the community.  I have been encouraged, supported, advised and nurtured by all.  My campaign team has been amazing-organizing house parties, parades, outreach, canvassing, letters and building the buzz that created momentum that will carry us to victory in November.  The community-they have listened, they have talked, they have given and they have spoken.  My husband, well just know that he has poured his heart and soul into supporting all these efforts and in supporting me.

For me, this decision and the work over the last several months was never about winning or losing. Don’t get me wrong-I am focused on the win and every step, every new friend and every intention is to make sure we are successful in November.  My decision to step up and run is about reclaiming a narrative about our common values and our ability to work together for common sense solutions. This is about rebuilding and strengthening our communities. 

We have seen the results of divisive rhetoric in politics.  It is time to reclaim our story and tell a tale of how all of us care deeply about our community and our civic engagement is not a primitive form of tribal warfare, it is about people coming together to discuss what is important.  That is what this campaign has meant to me.  It is a chance to listen to the people of Island County, deeply listen and hear the concerns and then work for solutions.  It is also about celebrating our accomplishments together.   

I have heard about the importance of affordable housing for everyone who lives here.  I’ve listened to the frustrations about rising property taxes, lack of healthcare options and worries about public safety.  A deep resonating bell of alarm is ringing through Island County about protection for our waters and our woods.  The image of a mother Orca carrying her dead baby through the waters became a rally cry for our region and now the entire State to find a way to save our Salish Sea.

I have also heard celebration in our community.  Some of this is felt by participating in the parades, fairs and community events on both islands.  Whether listening to the incredible music at St. Augustine’s, sharing a hotdog at Beer, Biz and Brats Chamber Celebration at Freedom Park or marching in one of our many small town parades, community spirit is alive and well in Island County. 

What is also worth celebrating is the thousands of hours by the thousands of volunteers who help strengthen our community at our foodbanks, thrift shops, working on our beaches, guiding walks, teaching kids about nature, mentoring teens, helping seniors or serving vets-we are a community that cares.  And finally, I have been so privileged to learn deeply about Island County government and the workers that serve us with such dedication.  My meetings with County staff, ride along with Camano Sheriff’s Deputy, sit downs with our road crew and chance to meet and see our citizen advisory boards in action-all of these encounters remind me of one of my credos of leadership from Howard Behar, “The person who sweeps the floor should choose the broom.”  Listening to those who do the work to serve us will help us find stronger, sustainable solutions for our future.


So thank you..thank you for the support, encouragement and commitment to my vision for leadership in District 3 that will bring responsible, responsive and respectful leadership to all the people of Island County.


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  • Stuart Heady
    commented 2018-08-10 08:35:23 -0700
    Do some voters see this as a “capture the flag” sort of contest? Turnout seems slightly higher in North Whidbey. Is this about good, competent local government or is about just beating Camano? We need to be looking to the future we have in common as a county with the word “island” in the name. We need better broadband infrastructure, we need to look keenly at the science of climate change, we need to take care of the whole population in common sense and modern ways.
  • Joyce Richards
    commented 2018-08-09 10:15:42 -0700
    Very well said Janet. It’s been a pleasure to be on your team! We need you on this island County Board! Looking forward to next push!