South Whidbey Record

letter to the Editor published 10/30/18

from: Carol Bement


St. Clair has no so-called ‘special interest’ stakes



I read with great interest Lee Rebman’s letter to the Editor in the Oct. 23South Whidbey Record concerning the campaign contributions for Janet St. Clair. As I am always curious about who is supporting candidates, I decided to look into his claim. Anyone can access the campaign contribution list for any candidate in the State of Washington by going to These records are updated on a daily basis. So the following figures were current as of Oct. 24. Imagine my surprise when I looked at Ms. St Clair’s site and found no “special interest” contributions. I also found she had 10 contributors from out of the area. When I asked about them I found some were former neighbors and long time friends, others relatives. Many of her contributions were given by people attending her coffee “meet and greet” sessions in various locations throughout the county.

Out of curiosity, I looked up Richard Hannold’s reported contributions. As of Oct. 24, he has three out of area contributors, one of which is the Skagit- Island Builders PAC located in Burlington, which I believe would be considered a “special interest” organization. Eagle Development LLC is also a contributor, and by its name I assume would be considered a “special interest.”

To be fair, I need to admit to being a “special interest” donor. You won’t find my name on any contribution list…my donation was my time. My special interest is in maintaining this beautiful island as a haven for those of us live and work here, who value our neighbors, our forests, our beaches, our heritage. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and remember to vote.

Carol Bement


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