Your vote and your voice matters!

We are in the final days of this election.  Please vote. 

If you did not receive a ballot, please go to for directions on how to print and submit a ballot.  Please take your ballot to the nearest ballot box to assure your vote is counted.  Your voice matters.

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Ballots are here!

Many of you have already received your ballots and based on the posts and email, already voted.  Congratulations!  For the rest of us eagerly awaiting our ballots in the mail, we will have a chance to be heard and declare our values and commitment for Island County, our state and our nation.  I have said from the beginning, I will work to bring people together, drawing upon our shared values to create common sense solutions for our communities.  That is my commitment to you.  I am asking for all of you to commit to vote.  And if you choose, please vote for Janet St. Clair as your next Island County Commissioner.  Everyone in Island County can vote for me in the general election as while I serve District 3, I will represent all of Island County.  Remember to vote early and if you mail your ballot, please mail it a day or two early to make sure your vote counts. 

Democracy works when we all show up. 


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October is Civility Month

Why would I sign a civility pledge?  Shouldn’t civility be a matter of course? The answer is yes…but unfortunately it isn’t always present in our current political climate.  I learned long ago that leadership is about intention.  When we are intentional in our words and actions, the outcomes and values we seek are more likely to happen.    

I have said often in my campaign that I am running for Island County Commissioner because I believe we can bring people together, that our shared values and commitment to our communities is greater than those things which divide us.  I wrote a blog early in the campaign about the importance of moving past tribalism and extreme partisanship and renew a civil discourse on the concerns facing us, recognizing that we can engage our differences of opinion to find stronger, better solutions for those issues facing us. You can find it here.

Civility First is holding a series of events in partnership with Sno-Isle Libraries.  I strongly encourage you to visit one of these discussions or their website.  October is Civility Month.  Would you join many others to sign the Civility Pledge?  You can find more information here.  You can also attend one of the events in the attached flyer.

As a nonprofit executive, social worker and a mother, I have long been comfortable with uncomfortable conversations.  I will stay engaged, respectful and responsive to those who come with their concerns and ideas.  So yes, I signed the Civility Pledge and I intend to work to keep that pledge not only in this campaign but in all my efforts to work for stronger communities in Island County. 

Let’s talk.


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