Ballots are here!

Many of you have already received your ballots and based on the posts and email, already voted.  Congratulations!  For the rest of us eagerly awaiting our ballots in the mail, we will have a chance to be heard and declare our values and commitment for Island County, our state and our nation.  I have said from the beginning, I will work to bring people together, drawing upon our shared values to create common sense solutions for our communities.  That is my commitment to you.  I am asking for all of you to commit to vote.  And if you choose, please vote for Janet St. Clair as your next Island County Commissioner.  Everyone in Island County can vote for me in the general election as while I serve District 3, I will represent all of Island County.  Remember to vote early and if you mail your ballot, please mail it a day or two early to make sure your vote counts. 

Democracy works when we all show up. 


I am excited, nervous and inspired by this election.  I was proud to have been on the dais with the other candidates at the forums and events across Island County.   As a voter, I want to thank all the candidates who are running and thank them for their effort.  I also want to thank Civility First for setting the tone for this election and reminding us all of the importance of civil discourse in our society. 

Thank you to the over 1300 folks in Island County who have connected with us through the website and our social media.  Thank you to the hundreds of donors who are investing in a new vision for Island County.  Thank you to the dozens of volunteers who have shown up to knock on doors, make phone calls, host events, wave signs and walk in parades.  And thank you to all who have helped place our big signs on the highways and put signs in their yard.  I even received a gift of walking socks to keep my feet comfortable during this marathon. As I traverse our islands, knocking on the 2200 doors I have visited and talking to voters, this support has inspired me, encouraged me and even moved me to tears of gratitude. 

If you want to volunteer to help Get Out The Vote in these last days of the campaign, email us at or come by the office at 749 Pioneer Way in Oak Harbor to pick up postcards to mail to your friends and neighbors.  To stay up-to-date on our activities, check out our Facebook page here. Thank you for your support.  



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