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Letter from Janet St Claire published 11/2/18

Candidate takes issue with ‘anti-Navy’ label



I rarely respond to letters to the editors, but calling me anti-Navy is one issue I take quite personally. I am a Navy daughter. My father served in WWII and was a civilian engineer on the U.S.S. Enterprise. This legacy of public service is one we take seriously in our family.

Let me be clear: I have no interest in shutting down NAS Whidbey.

The recent letter writer from Anacortes writes a long editorial in defense of the Growlers. I respect his point of view. Where I differ with my opponent is that I also think it is the responsibility of leadership to listen to all sides.

The letter ends with a few lines only about our upcoming election. He offers little detail for his out-of-area support of my opponent. He criticizes me, reiterating an obsession by my opponent’s campaign with my successful fundraising.

I have support from hundreds of Republicans, Democrats and Independents because I care enough to be out in the community. I have taken the time to listen to citizen concerns, including the Growler issue.

I have knocked on over 2,100 doors and talked to many active and retired Navy to also hear their point of view.

The final decision has not been made. If you have an opinion on either side of this issue, contact your federal legislators because, indeed, that is where the decision will be made.

I ask you to elect leadership that listens to all the voices in Island County. Thank you.

Janet St. Clair,

Candidate for Island County Commissioner

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