Experience - Leadership - Integrity

Elect Janet St. Clair for Island County Commissioner District 3!
We are in the last days of this election.  Please vote.  Your voice and your vote matter.
To find a ballot box near you, click here.
I will be your voice for Island County,
assuring representation for both Camano Island and North Whidbey. 
As your commissioner, I will:
Work for you to ensure healthy communities so our children, vets, seniors and neighbors thrive
 Improve access to all healthcare including mental health and substance abuse treatment
 Advocate for a dignified retirement so we can all age in our place
Support small business and economic diversity
Protect our beaches, forests and parks
Respect for all -- service always
Paid for by The Committee to Elect Janet St. Clair


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  • Charlton Price
    commented 2018-10-21 14:17:07 -0700
    Brava, Janet! You neatly eviscerate the former Chief Petty Officer (his sole significant previous work experience). Whilst “holding” office as a Commish he has done nothing useful except keep the seat warm and make a good case for a replacement to be needed.. ( Few may remember that he was originally apponted (not elected) just to fill the slot, replacing the even worse Kelly Emerson. )
  • Melissa Duffy
    commented 2018-10-16 21:45:11 -0700
    Hi Janet: I love what you wrote about yourself and though I haven’t met you yet, I totally am behind you and agree 100% with your intentions as our representative! You’ve got my vote!
  • Janet St. Clair
    commented 2018-07-09 22:29:44 -0700
    Thanks Angela!
  • Angela Sharpe
    commented 2018-07-07 14:52:25 -0700
    Hello, I live in Elger Bay area. Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad someone is a candidate that’s looking out for what’s important to me. Healthcare, substance treatment, housing, seniors, environment and true leadership.